Monday, October 13, 2008

{ what's your comfort zone? }

This month's gorgeous House Beautiful issue offers "secrets" for creating comfort in the home and asks several of today's top designers to define what it is that makes them comfortable {in their homes}.  If you haven't yet, grab yourself a copy of this oh-so-inspiring issue!


I thought it'd be fun to play along and I'd love for you to join me...
What is your secret to creating a comfortable home? Or simply, what makes you comfortable in your home? You can either leave a comment here to share your thoughts, or include a link to your own "secrets of comfort" blog post. Once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I'll update this post to include links to all of your lovely and inspiring ideas.

I'll start...What makes me comfortable?

1. Surrounding myself with well loved (and well worn) pieces.


2. Lots and lots of natural light.


3. Livable, no fuss rooms.


4. Bringing a bit of the indoors out...


and the outdoors in.


5. Snuggling with my favorite people in a cozy bed full of pillows.


How 'bout you???

{all images via tinekhome...yet another new obsession}


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Love,love,love this! These rooms are beautiful first of all and I concur with all you said my dear! My list:
~ livable,comfortable and beautiful rooms...
~ natural light and warm colors
~ cosy touches
~things I love
~ people I love
~ love and hope put into each detail
~ some sparkle! :)
~ a sense of humor and fun!
THIS was fun and can't wait to see others lists!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...


Love the sparkle...a must indeed! :) Thanks for playing.

Julia said...

What a good list :) I like your sense of home!

My comfort zone/home is such:
Mug of tea with milk and honey
Snuggly blanket
Prints up on the wall that have traveled with me over the years!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Natural light is a must!

Kerry Pitt-Hart said...

just like melissa, i have to agree with everything on your wonderful list!! especially, natural light and livable, no fuss rooms. we are lucky enough to have a sun room just off our bedroom where we spend most of our time in the evenings. it's a room where anything goes, is ever-changing, and is quickly filling up with chotchkes and mementos. soon i hope to paper one wall, get some curtains up, and hang our collection of butterfly prints.

Cindy said...

i love your list! mine includes -

- scott
- vintage everything in a pale palette with spursts of color
- quiet from everywhere but here
- natural light
- chachkas laden with memories
- flower bouquets in every room

nichole said...

Here are mine:
- no clutter, ever
- crisp white sheets that smell faintly of verbena
- a white cable knit sweater
- my husband
- a roaring fire and a latte bowl in hand
- sleeping with my cat on the pillow
- my parent's secluded cabin, complete with all of the bear and deer

Anonymous said...

Definitely sunlight streaming in somewhere in the house, a fire in the fireplace, for decorations scattered around the house, the smell of something baking in the oven, the sounds of family laughing and enjoying the moment and any passed down family items that remind me of my childhood.

This was fun!


Anonymous said...

A nice cabernet, shiraz or pinot noir in a fine glass to sip in my comfy leather cigar chair recliner...

The little roadster in an organized clean garage in between nice drives with the top down...

...and of course, Tissy for love and companionship...


mcdonaldmargaret said...

the family dog laying at your feet... i love you dusty....

paula said...

ooh, i will play along tomorrow! thanks for the post idea;)

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

They are all lovely but that indoors-out photo captures my eye and doesn't let go!

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Oh..didn't include my items for the list:

*my hubby to cuddle with when it's chilly (or not)
*our kitties purring in the dark before morning
*a movie with subtitles to engross us for the evening
*watching the trees outside my window change with every season
*our new black-out shades from Ikea in the bedroom (blessed sleep!)
*all the dishes are done and put away
*lots of storage and containers to organize it all!

Mrs.French said...

your idea of comfort makes me feel all warm and cozy. idea of comfort:
*my loved ones
*lack of clutter
*light streaming through my window
*curtains billowing from a light breeze
*the smell of B straight from the bath... name a few...

Kasey said...

*lots of sunlight on a fall evening
*the smell of just roasted hazlenuts fresh from the oven
*a glass of my favorite Pinot
*no toys in sight
*my family all cuddled in our p.j.'s on the couch

simply seleta said...

oh, you're good.

i love:

1. a sense of order + neatness
2. lack of clutter + piles
3. soft colors with punches of brights + the unexpected
4. lots + lots of natural light
5. fluffy sofas sprinkled with pillows + a soft blanket nearby
6. lamps for soft lighting at night

this was fun!

please sir said... pretty much said everything I think about too! I love this...especially the snuggling in bed. Being tidy and clean is important to me too. If I get too cluttered I start to feel that way in my head.

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