Friday, October 24, 2008

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I know many of you are familiar with today's guest on My Place or Yours, the ever-so-lovely Julia {aka Jewells} of red otter. I *met* Julia way back when I first started blogging and she's been inspiring me ever since through her gorgeous and beautifully written posts. Any of you who follow Julia's blog, or have received a comment on your own blog from Julia, know that she writes from the heart. I appreciate her daily insight and often find myself thinking back to her posts throughout the day. In her spare time, Julia's a full-time graphic designer who somehow also finds the time to make the loveliest handmade journals and candy dots {love that name!}, which are available in her shop

Hepburn's Notebook

So, please join me for the day in Madison, Wisconsin where Julia will treat us to an insider's tour of her lovely midwest city.

Use three words to describe Madison.
Eclectic, Exciting, Enriching

Your favorite time of day
I love the soft purple of a sunrise, before the oranges and pinks hit the clouds. There’s so much potential in each morning!

Madison Sunrise by wolfg.
madison skyline--image via flickr fave, wolfg

Currently on your radar
Wine tastings at a local wine bar, Barriques. They have tastings of the most exquisite wines. I’m hoping to explore their selection of Cabernet Sauvignons.

What is your most cherished spot in your home? And why? 
My husband and I get up early in the morning and make tea for each other. We sit on our comfy couch out in the living room and watch the sunrise over the treetops. I think that’s my favorite spot right now.

a few of the many lovely images found on Julia's always inspiring blog

Favorite discovery
There’s a cozy little shop, called Anthology, on State Street filled to the brim with local treasures


Political buttons available via Anthology

Various artists sell their work in the store along with an assortment of fine papers, jewelry and crafts! It’s a delight!

Where do you go to escape? 
I climb the hills of the Shorewood Hills. It is an older neighborhood full of beautiful homes and estate-like yards. It’s a very peaceful spot with century old trees and quiet winding roads. I love watching the seasons change up there.

sunset_200608050085 by Jess_Anderson.
image via Jess Anderson on flickr

Who is/are your favorite local artist(s)? And why? 
Sachi Komai is an artist from the Anthology shop! She has these incredibly detailed graphite prints on tiny gift tags. I love the sweetness of each simple object. They make you lean in to inspect, taking a moment out of your pan and scan! 


What is/are your favorite local shop(s)? 



Best kept local secret: 

Where to linger over lunch: 
The Blue Spoon in Middleton. I get a half roast beef sandwich with their homemade potato salad and apple baked beans. Total comfort food!

When visiting Madison, don't miss: 
The Farmer’s Market on the square! 

It’s an incredible site—so many delicious breads, seasonal fruits and veggies. The farmer’s market actually surrounds the capitol building—remarkable!

If you had an opportunity to live anywhere else in the world, where would we find you? 
In York, England, probably sitting down for a high tea in Betty’s Tea shop
{S's note: I can't imagine you going anywhere without your tea Julia :) }

What's your motto? 
Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it!

Thank you, again for letting me have this opportunity to share Madison with you :)

Thank you, Julia! If you haven't yet, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the amazing Julia's through her blog and shop. {Be sure to catch my favorite of Julia's features, Friday Favorites.

I'm so glad it's Friday....have a fab weekend everyone!


Cindy said...

i'd happily enjoy a cup of tea with julia at betty's tea shop or anyplace for that matter. she is such a doll and i love her blog. i also love the idea of her sunrise cup of tea with her husband. such a nice way to start the day. anthology looks like a wonderful place, too. thanks to you both for sharing this 'my place or yours'.

Solange said...

nice interview and pictures. will check out Julia's blog, thanks for sharing this nice post.

have a good weekend!


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

oh - what a wonderful interview! I just love her and her work :)

Julia said...

Oh thank you so much! This was a delightful interview, I had such a fun time exploring Madison with you :)

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

Julia is awesome! I was so honored to be included in her blog roll, as she inspires us all so much! Her comments come from the heart as you said, and she is quite talented as well! It always makes my day when she comments on my photos! All around great person, thanks for letting us get to know her better!!!

PS I love those political buttons, and the tags are gorgeous!!! We need stores like that here in Sacramento :)

dee said...

I am a fan of Julia's work and blog, as well. I love how we've all "met" through this community and gotten to know one another, so this interview was a lot of fun. So much to choose from, but I just adored that tulip photo, as well as the farmer's market and some of those shops. The tags from the coffee shop are just so sweet. Nicely done:)

karey m. said...

i am a fan of hers, so i enjoyed this peek so much.

but i am from the midwest, so i la-la-loved LOVED this peek SO SO much!

thanks for it!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is so lovely! Julia sounds like an absolute sweetheart. Thank you for reminding me about her beautiful blog and so nice to get to know Madison.
Anthology looks like a true delight indeed!

Anonymous said...

I've only ever very briefly been to Madison but I loved it. I'll definitely reference this if I ever go back.

Diane said...

While living in the midwest for most of my adult life I had gone to Madison ... and it gots better every time.
Enjoy the life their.

Vana said...

Got to love that Jewels! Her sweet comments make me smile:)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

how wonderful to read about the lovely Julia and her hometown!

Unknown said...

julia's such a complete sweetheart - she was one of my first friends on etsy and i 100% agree about her genuine nature.

great interview - thanks for sharing!

littlebyrd said...

Great interview! I love Julia's blog so much and it was great to get to know her and the city she lives in a little better. Thanks!

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