Thursday, October 23, 2008

{ perfect pumpkins: a cheat sheet }

carved pumpkins on a rack spelling out trick or treat
gorgeous pumpkin display via Country Living magazine
{not likely to be seen at our house : )}

This weekend we are going to our good friends' 23rd annual pumpkin carving contest and celebration. It's always a blast, even if (ahem) we've never won or placed in the 15+ years we've been attending. Truth be told, my hubby and I both lack any talent in the pumpkin carving department. Our attempts are usually quite disastrous--which is why I was so thrilled to stumble upon these minimal/no-carve pumpkin designs and displays.

martha stewart via kimberlymichelle

three spotted pumpkins
Polka dot pumpkins via Better Homes and Gardens

The white and green gourds are so elegant (via Country Living)

Black lace pattern on pumpkin
Stenciled designs via Better Homes & Gardens

bench with pumpkins
patchwork and paint pumpkins via Better Homes and Gardens

How about you? Are you masterful at the fine art of pumpkin carving? If so, perhaps you have a secret technique you can share with us.


Mrs.French said...

I think the Frenches are going for the "absolute worst carvers in the history of the world" title....maybe this inspiration will help...xxoo

Cindy said...

the stenciled pumpkin is great!

paula said...

white and green pumpkins made there way to our home this year. i am sure will still end up with a bright orange one soon.

dee said...

I loved this post. Those pumpkin flower pots are brilliant.

Anastasia said...

its so wonderful to see this american holiday celebrated - you guys get into it!! love it!

please sir said...

Yay for pretty pumpkins - these are all great ideas!

Kasey said...

I can probably pull off the pumpkins under the cloche idea.
and that's about it.....

Julia said...

I adore the lacey look :)

Great post, Suzanne!

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Ooo...these are all great! My faves are the ones under the glass toppers and the stencil black-on-orange is divine!

Happy weekend,
Pfeiffer Photos

Mary said...

Oooh, very cool. I love all these! We carved ours this weekend, and I'm okay that we stayed traditional.

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