Thursday, October 16, 2008

{ reclaim :: repurpose :: refresh...bubbo }

It seems every time I visit etsy, I'm adding another item from the bubbo shop to my favorites. 

Balloons-macaroons / 5x7'' print

Initially, I was drawn to the amazing illustrations and distinctive mixed media pieces of Natasha Mileshina {a.k.a., Bubbo Tubbo}. Recently, however, I discovered Natasha's line of recycled and repurposed things, and WOW! 


5 bulldog clips with magnets
typewriter key bulldog clips with magnets

Monthly craft notebook A5/ Old School
monthly craft notebook

Perhaps it's Natasha's knack for gorgeous photography and beautiful styling that makes everything so irresistible.

Discover more by bubbo:


Julia said...

I'm so excited to zip over and check out this new shop/blog! You have the greatest taste, darling!

How's the Thursday been thus far?

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

wow! I love all this stuff!

Cindy said...

i just ordered one of her calendars and can't wait to receive it! her packaging is so thoughtful. also, i love how you're using larger sized images. looks great!

paula said...

ooh, i love that calendar. i bought some personalized ledgers earlier for my up and coming etsy store.

Mrs.French said...

one of those perfectly talented sort of folks...some gals have all the luck.

nichole said...

Oooh, fantastic find! I'm off ...

Kasey said...

i will head over right now to take a peek.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yes, yes! I love her and when you order something personalized(ie a ledger) it is beautifully packaged and makes your heart sing! :)

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