Friday, October 31, 2008

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lanterns in my neighborhood by mrs. french.

Hello friends and welcome back to My Place or Yours! Today, I am thrilled to share with you one of my favorite U.S. cities--Portland, Oregon--and even better, we will explore it through the eyes {and lens} of the lovely Mrs. French. You heard right...the Mrs. French!!! I seem to spot my talented and charming blogging friend everywhere these days and was so honored when Traci graciously agreed to give us a tour of her adored city...I can't think of a more blissful way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Take it away Traci...

The gorgeous Mr and Mrs. French

Tell us what brought you to Portland
We moved to Portland almost 4 years ago. We basically decided to move on a wim. Kyle (Mr. French) wanted to live closer to the mountains and I still needed a city. I was bound and determined to stay in Saint Paul, I thought of this little trip as a nice little vacation. ..then we made the day trip to the Oregon coast. I had never experienced that type of coast before, mountains meeting the ocean, suddenly anything seemed possible. At that moment I decided I could do it. We decided to move. It was hard at first, we found out we were pregnant as we were unloading the moving truck...after nearly 4 years I now consider Portland my home. I always say that I moved to Portland and found myself...dramatic? yes....but oh so true. There's no going back and I like that!

Three words that best describe Portland
creative, concerned, eclectic

a bike in my neighborhood... by mrs. french.

Your favorite time of day and why
Oh my this is an easy one...whatever time of day the sun comes out...In Portland you never know what time of day that will be (if at all). However, when it does show its rays Portland glows. Portland has always struck me as such a colorful place and the sun seems to make it so much more vibrant.

DSC_0702 by mrs. french.

Currently on your radar
I am in the process of trying to put together a little show for a small gallery in Portland. It is oh so intimidating and exciting at the same time...
I am also in talks with an amazing clothing/interior establishment to use one of my photos for a limited addition artist excited about this!!!

What is your most cherished spot in your home? And why? 
a little corner by my fireplace...It has perfect lighting in the morning. Everything I set here looks beautiful to me. 

I am constantly changing out arrangements of thrifted items and snapping photos of them.

pink clock by mrs. french.

from my corner by mrs. french.

Favorite discovery
that I can actually take an ok photograph...I stumbled upon this by accident and haven't been able to stop since. My camera has become an appendage.

one leaf. by mrs. french.
Where do you go to escape? 
I take walks through my neighborhood, completely alone, with my camera.

Who is your favorite local artist? And why? 
Hadley Hutton...her work strikes something deep within me...I often think of her pieces when I tinker with my photos...she is such a huge inspiration...I would love to meet her one day!

What is/are your favorite local shop(s)? 
This is an easy one...Noun: a person's place for things. I can't stop posting about this place. It has been and currently is a spot look to for ideas for my own home...Stephanie is a little pixie genius...

noun front window...2 by mrs. french.

noun 8 by mrs. french.

Best kept local secret 
this is a tough one..I am pretty sure it is not a secret to many people..but for me it would have to be Pix Patisserie...

pix by mrs. french.

yummy, yummy pastries and drinks...all while in a dreamy Amelie-like setting.

pix by mrs. french.

An ideal spot to linger over lunch
Right now that would have to be Petite Provence or St. Honore...oh goodness, everyplace I mention features the most lovely french pastries...this really says so much about me.

DSC_0645 by mrs. french.

st. honore canelets by mrs. french.

When visiting Portland, don't miss... 
anything outdoor related. Portland's parks and outdoor spaces, to me, are unparalleled.

If you had an opportunity to live anywhere else in the world, where would we find you? 
This is a tough one...As far as cities go I think I would choose London. However Lermoos, a small village in Austria, may beat out any big city for me. 

lermoos by mrs. french.

I visited this magical place a few years back and cannot get it off my mind. As far as the US goes, I think Portland is it for me.

made in Oregon... by mrs. french.

What's your motto? good times and bad, just take time to breathe and be in the moment.

Oh, thank you Mrs. French for stopping by and sharing your colorful, beautiful corner of the world with us!!!

Is it possible that you haven't yet discovered this true gem in the blogging community? Highly unlikely! 
Just in case...{I highly recommend Traci's I heart Mondays}:
Traci's fabulous shop blissful images
Not to miss...Traci's flickr 


Mrs.French said...

YAY!!!! I love my photos on your blog....we are quite a team my friend....I have to say I it feels weird reading my answers to your questions...kind of like hearing your own recorded voice...I sound like a goof.... ;)

thank you so much for this made my day!

Cindy said...

i loved reading more about traci's life, favorites and inspiration. she's an inspiration to me! the new things on her radar sound very exciting. thanks ladies!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

mrs. french:
a goof? I think not! Everything sounds perfect. It was a pleasure!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Okay, first of all.....I LOVE MRS.FRENCH! She is a doll and a darling (and you do NOT sound like a goof! At all!) I KNEW Traci was a gorgeous gal already but, now we see that Mr. French is gorgeous as surprise there as little "B" seems to have the best of both of them! YAY! I am so happy to see more photos of your lovely home sweetie and your beautiful town! I so wish I could visit and go all those places with you!
So lovely, such amazing photos and did I mention I love that beautiful spot in your home? I have a special place in my heart for conch shells(there is one in my home to) and I ADORE that little clock with it( swoon....pine.....) :) Thank you dear Suzanne for featuring this wonderful lady and it makes my heart swell just hearing more about her!

paula said...

oh la, la. love it all, thank you!

Kasey said...

Bliss is a keeper that's for sure!

Julia said...

I feel like jumping up and down! It's Mrs. French, it's Mrs. French and her beautiful world, beautiful family, beautiful city and beautiful craft! Thank you so much Miss Suzanne for the pleasure of getting to know her just a smidge more! What a beautiful interview!

mayaluna said...

I can't tell you how ecstatic I was to see lovely Mrs. French here today! I agree with the rest, so fun to learn just a little bit more about this magical, beautiful and oh so very talented woman! Mrs. French- you couldn't sound like a goof, even if you tried. Your little corner is gorgeous and I've long admired your photos on that shelf. Love seeing the context within which it sits. Portland is fantastic through your eyes...what a fantastic tour/interview. Suzanne- I'm loving your {my place or yours...} so much. Great choices and beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

I love Mrs. French's work! She's truly been an inspiration to me as well. I have the same brownie hawkeye camera on display as well :)

Unknown said...

what a sweet interview with a truly delightful lady. mrs. french could light up portland with her smile and lovely personality, let me tell you!

Jamie Welsh Watson said...

What a wonderful interview! A delight to read more about a such special person. (-:

High Desert Diva said...

I like seeing Portland through Traci's eyes...

dee said...

My little are so pretty! And what a dapper husband you have. I do believe this is the first photo I've ever seen of you, my dear. Thank you for the lovely trip through your city. I do love seeing the world through your eyes;) Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo excited you featured Mrs. French and Portland. Is there a more perfect place on earth and a more perfect looking couple? Some highlights...Noun, the incredible baked goods and definitely the pink clock.

From a non-blogger who loves bloggers, this was so much fun!


karey m. said...

love. her.

the only bad part is that the interview wasn't longer.

Jill said...

how nice!

Jessica Nichols said...

Thank you for revealing more of Mrs. French to her loyal readers. Traci, you are planting seeds of courage in me all the time to make the migration to your fair city. I think you are so brave!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

This is such a great feature! Frenchie never disappoints :)

Jaimee McClellan said...

Fantastic Interview!
Nice getting to know a little more about Mrs. French.

Vana said...

Thank you thank you for interviewing one of the coolest gals in the blogging world. I love Mrs. French! I wish I lived closer to her to visit all these beautiful places she talks about...Oh and that morning son, that has to be my favorite part too Tracie.

nichole said...

What a pleasure to get a deeper glimpse in the the lovely Mrs. French's life. Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...


Kerry Pitt-Hart said...

a wonderful post! loved reading about you mrs. french! makes me want to come to portland and visit you. :)

Mary said...

Love this. Can't wait to visit Portland for real!

Anna said...

What a delightfully diverse blog! I'm having fun perusing...

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