Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{ keep it simple }

GRATITUDE gift bag in natural cotton with handstamped text

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful responses to my "secrets of comfort" post. I was touched by the simple pleasures and priceless luxuries you each described--from the laughter of loved ones and the scent of freshly baked goods to clutter free rooms and cherished pets.

a building block - little thoughts for your day (one block)
Keeping it simple seems to resonate with us all.

YOU'RE THE BEST tiny text bowl

These exquisite little treasures, found via Paloma's Nest, are further proof that simple really can be stunning.

wooden boxed set of two  tiny text bowls in CUSTOM or YOUR CHOICE of texts

Today I will be catching up on projects, including a new feature which I look forward to sharing with you later this week...stay tuned. Until then...thank you again for stopping by and sharing a bit of your day with me.

Learn more about this amazing shop here.


Cindy said...

i've been coveting those blocks for a long time. i love her work. looking forward to the new feature.

Solange said...

Love, love your post, and the pictures. It's all so nice and inspiring.
have a nice week,

simply seleta said...

Oh shoot, sounds like I missed a fabulous post of yours! Must go back and peek. I've been such a bad reader lately, life is moving so quickly. I love your message to keep it simple. So true.

please sir said...

Lovely words and ideas. I gave these bowls out during the holidays and still love looking at them!

nichole said...

Simple is in the air. Ever think we've reached the tilt/game over stage, and need to start over? Sometimes it feels like we are so disconnected from nature and "being" human.

Kasey said...

great pics girl!

mayaluna said...

This was such a lovely post...I think it just filled me right up and I will turn in for the easy feat, as I get caught traveling from one link to another. Thanks for such a beautiful blog...I really love every visit!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh, what a lovely shop! thank you for this beautiful find. xo

Mary said...

Love love love this. I am enjoying your blog very much. Beautiful and inspiring.

Emma said...

I love these - I bought one for my twin sister and had it sent to London for our birthday with 'I Miss You' stamped in it - she cried - but in a good way!

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