Wednesday, February 20, 2008

{ wednesday whimsy: deck the walls }

hopscotch print: Land of Nod

I have several walls in my house that are in desperate need of some lovin'. For starters, we have a veeeeery long, empty hallway & niche, which also serve as a back entrance and family 'drop zone'.  Another blank canvas is our finished basement, which I'm planning to convert into a family/play room. 

the alphabet series from in wrapped canvas; 
prints also available on etsy

: : :

San Francisco travel posters
the travel series from in wrapped canvas; 
prints also available on etsy.

I like to mix up wall displays with family photos and art/prints {although I still need to play around with this some }. I'm especially inspired by pieces with a fun or thoughtful message or that recall favorite memories. 

fun by order of the management signs by john w. golden found on etsy.

Perhaps these whimsical finds will inspire me to take action–I'd love to pair a couple of the kid themed prints with a reasonably priced vintage school chalkboard–all the ones I've seen at flea markets were pricey. If not, I'll try a diy chalkboard wall.

How about you? Do you have any creative wall solutions 
or art resources you'd like to share?

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Anonymous said...

I love john w. golden! I recenly discovered him too and am trying to figure out which print/s to get and where to hang them... :)

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