Friday, February 22, 2008

{ fresh friday picks }

from the latest anthropologie catalog

I thought I'd create a little Spring cheer around here as I see rain, rain, and more rain is in the forecast for the weekend. I am loving the pop of color and texture of these flowering branches–created by 'forcing' early blooms indoors. 

You can easily fool mother nature and create the look yourself by following these simple steps.

Country Home Magazine ~ March 2008

Need instant gratification? Pick-up an inexpensive, mixed bouquet of blooms from the grocery store and divide it up to create miniature bouquets throughout your home. Get creative with containers–tea cups, vintage silver, spice jars and recycled bottles add interest and charm. 

Jumpstart spring

I love these unique offerings from Pottery Barn as well { thanks for the tip Tori }

: : :

I'm already feeling perkier, aren't you? Discover more bouquet 'how to' at Country Home {the new March issue is great by the way...pick one up if you can }.

I'm wrapping up a work project, so will be signing off until Monday. Until then, I leave you with some inspiring links I've discovered while out and about this week...think of it as your weekend site~seeing guide. Who knows, you might even be inspired to complete a rainy day project–I've been eyeing the paint cans and brushes myself...

Explore the newly created Pikaland–conceived by Amy, the creative talent behind re:makeables. Many of my favorite indie artists ~ as well as some fresh finds ~ conveniently gathered in one place–love it! 

Paint it pretty. Rainy, wintery days are perfect for tackling an indoor DIY project. Currently inspired by this, this and Erin's post from yesterday.

Find romance in Rome and lose yourself in the dreamy photography featured here.

Have a wonderful weekend friends...thank you for all of the 
lovely comments this week ~ they truly make my day!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, makes me forget about the snow out my window! Thanks for stopping by and doing the survey!~xo

Anastasia said...

such beautiful images! seems like everyone is yearning for Spring to arrive - here in Australia we havnt had much of a summer but are still looking forward to Autumn and cool weather!
wish we had Anthropologie over here - such a cool store!

Anonymous said...

Just came upon your blog while taking a journey through this world of blogging. I just love anything anthropologie! Everytime I get my catalog, I am as excited as a little girl!

Great post, can't wait to come back.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you used my tip! Aren't they cute? I love what you've done w/ flowers in your home (Tuesday's post). You've inspired me to do the same! I'm assuming that your "great-grandmother's" vase is from the other side of the family!?!?!

- Tori

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting.

anastasia: I always forget that it's currently summertime in must be tired of 'hearing' our moans and groans for Springtime :)

melissa: Glad you found me! anthropologie is a favorite of mine as well. I need to get to SF soon to get my fix.

tori: had to use your tip...the vases are so cute! regarding the comment–our moms will have to work that one out. :)

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