Monday, February 18, 2008

{ words to live by... }

Last week, I had the good fortune of taking a vacation from winter to enjoy a little fun in the sun with my family.

Nothing like a sampling of heaven on earth to chase away the winter doldrums. 

Inspired by Amanda's recent post, I thought I'd share my February 10 - ten little joys that are making me smile this week.

1. watching hubby and little one swim amidst a setting sun.
2. the new freckles on my daughter's nose.

3. discovering fresh, new shades of pink, yellow, and blue...
4. the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

5. the chance to rest both body and mind.
6. fresh fruit, bread, milk { & chocolate chip cookies }...a welcome back gift from our thoughtful neighbors.

7. familiar faces at the airport to welcome us home.
8. juicy oranges ready for picking.

9. the promise that Spring will arrive–eventually.
10. an extra day to ease back into our routine.

May you, too, be blessed with an abundance of joy!

Back to S.HOPtalk tomorrow {hopefully my brain will be back from vacation by then }.

1 comment:

Tissy said...

I can't believe how thoughtful your neighbors are. How lucky you are. Great blog today.


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