Monday, November 23, 2009

{ gift giving simplified with wishzilla }

About this time every year, I being to stress about holiday gift giving. With two December birthdays in our household (hubby + little one), my inbox will soon be flooded with emails from well-intentioned family members requesting birthday AND Christmas gift ideas for my lovely family. It always becomes an overwhelming project with multiple back and forth emails and panicked phone calls. Thanks to my (ahem) not so great tracking system, we often end up with duplicate gifts that are either {shhh} regifted or donated to our favorite charity. While this may sound very "eco friendly", it's a bummer for both the gift giver and recipient.

So, when I heard about Wishzilla declaring war on regifting, I was intrigued. Wishzilla, I discovered, is a genius online service that allows you to easily create free, personalized wish lists filled with anything you want. We all know how much I love creating wish lists, so it's probably no surprise that I was immediately hooked and have been singing its praises ever since.

Grateful, Earrings

One of my favorite tools is Wishzilla's fun, one-click bookmarking feature that allows me to instantly save each of my online window-shopping finds in one centralized spot and, if I choose to, specify my wishes by occasion (think: birthday, anniversary, mother's day...).

CUSTOM - Single Silhouette Ornament

But, it's not just about me...I also love that I can use Wishzilla's family feature to create separate lists of gift ideas for my husband and daughter and then, easily share them with our family and friends. They can then coordinate purchases with other family and friends and lock items so others won't purchase the same gift. Easy peezy and Suzanne is out of the loop (yeah!) Lastly, users have the option of signing in with Facebook Connect, so there's no need to create yet one more password. Did I mention yet how much I love Wishzilla?

felt bag

If you do decide to try this lovely service (and I hope you do), you can add me as a friend...who knows, perhaps there's something on your list that I'll like too.

P.S. Pictured are just a few of my many favorites I've started adding to my wish list (which I plan to use well beyond the holidays to save both gift and blog post ideas.) You can find details about each of my wishes here.

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