Monday, November 2, 2009

{ celebrating the little things }


After discovering this gated entry while walking my daughter to school today, I had to smile. I've walked past this spot hundreds of times and never noticed it. That I also happened to have my camera with me made it all the sweeter. It seemed serendipitous after giving myself a much needed attitude adjustment of those "Snap out of it!" moments if you will. The start of a new month seemed like the perfect opportunity for a fresh perspective and I vowed to find the good in each and every day. Who knew it could be found in a weathered gate?

P.S. Karey's bits of magic were the icing on the cake!


karey m. said...

ohhh. i just have a fondness for brown bears.

you're coming to dc again. i mean it.

Elena_Valeriote said...

What a charming gate!

blue moss said...

What a great find! So so glad you had your camera with you...I'm so bad about bringing mine and end up with awful camera phone pics :)

alexkeller said...

it reminds me of a story or fairy tale or something....where a little boy and girl found a gated garden

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh how beautiful! What a magical thing to find and especially when you had made a new vow! :)

mary said...

This photo is absolutely magical. I love it! :)

Cindy said...

i love the peeling paint and hope there's a secret garden back there waiting for you and your camera.

Mrs.French said...

we should all stop and look for pretty always remind us in the most eloquent ways...xo t

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