Tuesday, October 27, 2009

{ perpetually perfect... }

I tweeted*** about this project earlier, but it's just too good to not also share it here. I've gushed about these talented lovebirds before, but I think their latest creation is my absolute favorite. Using photos they took from their travels and brief residence in Paris earlier in the year, Nichole and Evan Robertson from Little Brown Pen created this amazing perpetual calendar. You can purchase it from their shops here and here and also learn about the creative process via their blog (that they took the time to share the details with us makes me love them even more). Enjoy!

***P.S. Are you on Twitter? If so, I'd love to connect with you. You will often find me sharing some my favorite finds there as well.


Cindy said...

now, that's a calendar. they are the most creative couple. i love it!

nichole said...

Thanks so much, Suzanne! We had a blast doing it, though it ended up being way more work than we anticipated. ;)

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