Friday, October 16, 2009

{ caught on film: photographer, bonnie tsang }

I happened upon photographer, Bonnie Tsang's site last night thanks to a tip from ink & button and was instantly captivated. Her wedding photography showcases her amazing talent and knack for capturing all that is beautiful. Every bit of her blog is pure eye candy. Even these "experimental" photos--shot recently in NYC using film with her toy Golden Half camera--are stunning.






I've often thought about why I have such a love affair with photography and taking photos. I think Bonnie articulates it perfectly when she says, "To me, photography is always about documenting the reality - from what I see to the state of mind I have at the moment". So well said. This weekend, treat yourself to a visit to Bonnie's blog. Happy, happy Friday everyone!


Ink & Button said...

Yay! I love Bonnie's work! The header on her website is also fabulous - designed by Anna Bond. Have a great weekend! :-)

melissa loves said...

These are absolutely stunning! Wow.....I love, love these captures of NYC, just magical! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Tricia McKellar said...

Beautiful photography! The images have a quiet quality I really like :)

Mrs.French said...

raw and beautiful...I love them all! thank yo so much for the introduction! xo t

simplesong said...

love bonnie's work ... these photos are amazing.

nichole said...

Oooh, well put. I've often thought about the appeal of photography. I think we've all become more visual due to blogging, net access, etc. Before then, much of our world was media driven (television commercials, magazine ads, etc.). Gorgeous photos on blogs and sites like FLickr have us all spoiled!

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