Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{ spring forward }


It was beautiful outside yesterday afternoon, so beautiful that I took a little rendezvous to the backyard and started some early Spring cleaning. Before I knew it, pulling a
few weeds turned into two hours of laborious yard work. With my flower beds all ready for new pretties to arrive, I find myself daydreaming of outdoor Spring gatherings...oh, and fresh accoutrements for our patio. These favorites from VivaTerra would be perfect!

flowered enamel picnicware 
   {the cups would look adorable filled with your favorite blooms}
organic meyer lemon tree
pedestal beverage dispenser
garden message 
   {crafted of repurposed soda & soup can metal...& saved from going to landfills}

What are you most looking forward to about Spring?


Cindy said...

i love the grow sign!

lejardengirl said...

first...I love your's 1 degree outside now...I just want the snow to melt so i can see all the tulips coming up...I have over 400 in my garden..thanks

MandMStudio said...

It's 37 degrees right now, Oh I can't wait for spring. I LOVE the piciniware:)

ThePeachTree said...

I'm longing for that 1st beautiful spring day!

dee said...

Thank you for posting the picnicware. I am instantly obsessed. OMG!

paula said...

I am ready for spring and gardening. I have been wanting a lemon tree, this one will do:)

Anonymous said...

Spring, glorious spring! I especially love that enamel picnicware and the meyer lemon tree - so cheerful! I can't wait to see the tulips come up :)

Mrs.French said...

the only way anything ever gets done in my yard is by all of these, the "grow" most of all...xo t

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Love,love these picks! I adore that enamel picnicware and that very pretty!

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