Friday, March 13, 2009

{ friday finds: amy olsen handcrafted jewelry

I've had Amy Olsen's stunning, handcrafted jewelry line bookmarked for sometime now. I love the mix of elements she uses in her pieces--delicate gemstones, vintage notions, and precious metals--and her product photography and styling is incredible. When I stopped by her shop last night, I noticed she had just released her new Spring collection.

Azure Necklace

Peridot Kite Earrings

Magnolia Necklace

Isn't it dreamy? To celebrate the new collection and the start of Spring, Amy is offering 10% off anything that is not already featured in her sale section. {There are some amazing pieces in the sale section, so be sure to check that out as well}.

Quick links:
Amy's shop
Amy's flickr


Clementine said...

I've long admired Amy's jewelry shop. She has such a nice, vintage flavor--love it.

Amy Olson Jewelry said...

thank you so very much for featuring my jewelry on Friday Finds! I am so very flattered to be a part of your gorgeous blog!
warmest regards,

Melissa de la Fuente said...

How lovely! I am off to check out Amy's shop right now!

Me said...

Yay Amy! Your new work is great!

Anonymous said...

Oh so lovely! I just adore that last pieces in particular--the combo of warm gold, pearls and soft pink stones is positively dreamy!

Mrs.French said...

and it's stunning...makes me so happy to be a girl...xo t

Vana said...

oh my goodness...i just love everything in her shop. Pure elegance and beauty. Exactly what a girl needs:)

Kasey said...

now I'm going to check this out..

Unknown said...

so so beautiful.

seesaw designs said...

so sweet :)

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