Thursday, January 8, 2009

{ resolution #3... }

resolution #3...develop an action plan for 2009 DIY projects
I always find myself in full-fledged nesting mode this time of the year. Once the holiday sparkle is packed away, my house suddenly feels stale and lackluster. The cold and dreary days don't help and have me longing for sun-filled rooms and color.  

Green on the Inside by AnastasiaC @ percivalroad.
image from House Beautiful-Australia via Anastasia

So yesterday, I started thinking about makeover projects that I could tackle myself to freshen up some spaces in our home. After coming up with a few ideas, I created a mini inspiration board, which I then printed out and posted on the bulletin board in my office to keep me motivated and on track.   I already feel better knowing that change is on the way and that I can complete each of these projects for next to nothing.

top two photos via Johner. lower right image via House of Turquoise
chalkboard image via Apartment Therapy

Speaking of affordable home projects, did you see Holly's Decorating on a Budget article this week over on Real Simple? I loved it...such great tips!

Holly Becker's gorgeous apartment in Germany

Another resource I came across was House Beautiful's annual makeover issue. My favorite feature is their 101 makeovers guide in which they provide super simple and easy ideas for giving your home some new and improved style.

I particularly love this one from designer Jamie Drake...

#40 take every last loose piece on every surface--photos, vases, candlesticks, books, magazines--whatever is cluttering up your vision. Put them on a counter in the kitchen, then deploy in new arrangements. But only use half of them. Put the rest of them into a closet for a free shopping spree the next time around.

martha stewart's prop room --wouldn't you love to have your own prop room?

How about you have any home projects slated for 2009 or a favorite budget minded decorating tip?


Marichelle said...

wow. I love that first shot. I love your action plan, what a great idea. I personally can't get anything done unless it's been added to some sort of to do list! I just recently moved to a new home so I've been going at it strong for the past couple of months. I've just recently slowed down but I have a feeling I'll be up and running again! Good luck on your projects, can't wait to hear about them!

The Butter Flying © said...

Lovely blog. I will be back.
I like these resolution.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

LOVE. This. Post. It is brilliant and such a great idea!
I love these ideas and can't wait to see what you come up with hun! AND....I loved, loved.loved your interview over on Cookie nesting with Ez! So wonderful and totally deserved! YAY!
ps I am with Marichelle....that first image is so very beautiful.....

Cindy said...

i love the grouping of images you have at the top and your notes. your interview at nesting was great, too. can i have dibs on bella's room when she goes to college? assuming she can bear to ever leave it ;).

Anonymous said...

I missed the interview. I'm on my way.


Mrs.French said...

you always give us the best links and ideas...thant's why I love you so much...xo t
I think everyone should paint something aqua blue...

gussied up said...

I was scrolling through and saw this shot. At first, I thought it was the tabletop room at Meredith (publisher of BH&G, Traditional Home, etc.). We don't have anything this elaborate, now, but when I started there, we had a collection that was easily in competition with Martha's. I hear that her entire collection is warehoused - with antiques and linens and bits and bobbles. I would kill just to be the prop manager for Martha.

Helene said...

You probably can guess I would not mind getting lost in Martha's prop room :) I think she'd be missing a few cake stands!!
Love the links you provided!

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