Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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I always say if you want genuine, honest feedback–ask a child. It often amazes me how my eight year old daughter can break down a seemingly complex problem, with which I've struggled, and offer a perfectly practical resolution in mere seconds with her simple, spot-on observations.  In these moments I'm left wishing there was a ways to box up her heartfelt advice and preserve her childhood innocence indefinitely. 

The brilliant minds behind 826 National have done just that in their newly released book, Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kid's Letters to President Obama. A few days after the election, kids around the country were asked to provide advice and guidance to their new president. The collection of letters offers pages of practical, often amusing, young wisdom  for the newly sworn in President. 

"I really hope you put America back together. No pressure, though." -- Sheenie Shannon Yip, age 13, Seattle

"Dear President Obama, If I were president, I would tell people to not talk much. It wastes time. I'd also say to war: no more, no more, no more!" -- Catherine Galvan, age 6, Chicago

"Dear Obama, I have grown up with a very liberal mom and a very conservative day. Thank you for bringing my parents somewhat closer together. :) You are my idol Mr. Barack..." -- Olivia Roper-Cladbeck, age 12, Seattle

You can purchase the book here. All proceeds benefit, the 826 nonprofit organizations


nichole said...

I love these! Great find.

Mrs.French said...

such a treasure...thank you so much for introducing it to me...I am often surprised how wise my b is...xo t

Anonymous said...

These are so charming and full of innocent hope. I love it!

P.S. I'm trying not to get distracted by those dotted ribbons there in your sidebar...I love! (And, I love REfound!)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

How awesome! My little one's school did this too and the letters were so wonderful and just broke my heart(in a good way! ) Thanks for sharing this hun!

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