Tuesday, November 18, 2008

{ book smart }

I was smitten with these miniature letterpressed books the moment I spotted them on this fun site.


My daughter and I always sneak a special surprise into my hubby's suitcase just before he leaves for a business trip--I think one of these would be just perfect! What would you do with these little gems?


Cindy said...

i love how your daughter sneaks something special into your hubbby's suitecase. i also love that site, which is new to me.

i'd love to get my hands on the 'cheerful thoughts' book and would keep it in my pocket. i'd also send one to someone who might be feeling down.

nichole said...

You had me at "miniature" and "letterpress" - off to shop!

nichole said...

Ooops ... hit post by accident.

I would keep them around simply to run my fingers over. My letterpress fetish is second only to my chocolate fetish. Sigh ...

Melissa de la Fuente said...

ahh....whew! I felt like something was missing from my day, leaving phantom comments here on one of my favorite faves! I LOVE these and that you slip a little gifty in for your hubby...what an absolute doll you are! :)

Mrs.French said...

oh yes....I love the cheerful thoughts one the best! xo t

Solange said...

Oh, how nice to suprise him like that. Love all these little books, very smart.

Solange :)

Kasey said...

ooh, i love these!

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