Thursday, November 6, 2008

{ ispy: cakies wool felt crowns }

{i}spy: a must-have item for any tot on your holiday shopping list

I think these handmade wool felt crowns from Cakie's might just be the sweetest little treats I've seen in awhile.

My creation

Imagine the endless hours of creative play with these scrumptious little lovelies {not to mention the priceless photo ops}. Skip on over to Cakies for more hand crafted delights--including adorable Mama size hair clips

Not to miss: 
The mycakies blog which includes a sneak peek inside the two irresistible rooms Rubyellen {don't you love that name?} has created for each of her daughters. 


Mary said...

Oh I love these - probably a little more than I'm willing to spend, but they are truly darling!

paula said...

these are so fun. i especially like the first one.

Julia said...

What a delight :) I love this idea!

nichole said...

I am going to have to agree with you! My son's fourth birthday was yesterday, and he was "King for a day" - complete with a paper "burgur king-esque" crown.

He was so proud of it, but my 15 month old got ahold of it, and you can guess the ending. These would last a bit longer.

Thanks for introducing me to these!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Such beautiful and sweet little crowns! Any little girl would love to have one of these!

jae said...

It's funny to me that we both posted about wool felt crowns today. We have a version we make that is exclusive to us (of course I love it because it ours and has had rave reviews).....but we don't have a little boys version so these would definitely fit the bill. Cute.

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