Thursday, November 13, 2008

{ the art of food: b comme bon }

Never mind that I don't really cook much*, nor that I can't read any of the beautifully detailed recipes, the stunning photography in itself makes this french?? blog deliciously irresistible.




* of my current goals is to change the fact that I don't do much in the way of cooking. If you have a favorite {simple} recipe to share...I would be most appreciative. You can either leave a link in the comments or email me--see the link over there in the right column.  {Bonus points for comfort food : ) }

Hope you're all having the loveliest of days.

{all images--and many more--via B Comme Bon }


paula said...

it seems we have the same goal, mine still has come to come to life.i will send you something yummy and easy.

Arlynn said...

If you're looking for comfort food then I've got a recipe that warms me up every time, in fact I just posted about it the other day. You can see the recipe & pictures of my Twice Baked Mashed Potato Casserole here:

And I just love desserts - they're definitely comforting, I mean how good does Snickers Rice Crispy Treats sound to you? I had a post about them a while back, see it at:

Enjoy, and let me know if you're in the mood for anything special, I love coming up with new recipes!


Arlynn from Fleur De-licious blog

Julia said...

Are those PINK cookies? How delightful!

Mrs.French said...

why have i not seen this? amazing! the pink cookies make me smile. xo t

Cindy said...

i'm always amazed by the people who cook gorgeous food and then stop to take photos a long the way.

Art Kitten said...

OH those pink cookies are calling my name! Love it!

Helene said...

Love her blog! Makes me closer to home everytime!! Great feature!

perfect bound said...

cooking is almost as enjoyable as eating. i adore both when paired with a perfect glass of wine. bon appetite!

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