Tuesday, August 5, 2008

{ muy caliente: tortilla girl }

It seems my inbox of late has been filling up with introductions, offers, and promotions of the new fall fashions. I, however, am very much present in the summer and plan to savor every last second of it. 

My creation
I just love the fresh simplicity of Tortilla Girl's handmade offerings–ideal for celebrating the remaining 47 days of summer in style and comfort. 

Visit the Tortilla Girl shop here.
Learn more about Becky {the amazing designer behind Tortilla Girl} and her fascinating background here.


Cindy said...

i'm with you, although i've been guilty of promoting fall collections at work. i love torilla girl's tote - those buttons.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

wow! I'm bookmarking this. thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

I'm soo with you! In Sicily all the shops had the fall collections in...and I'd rather not be reminded that there is someting called fall until we're at least out of August ;-)

dee said...

Thank you:) I'll stay put right here with you.

Robin said...

I'm with you! Between the fall fashions, the back to school sales that started in July and the Halloween candy that should appear any minute now, I'm disgusted with our culture's constant pressure for the "next" thing, "next" season, "next" whatever. Aaargh! Can we stop and enjoy today please?

PS thanks for stopping by my house tour. The bed was a big splurge - I spent last year's vacation $ on it since the vaca never materialized due to a little surgery. I figured I could at least recuperate in style, and then some. Best purchase ever! Plus the old bed was from my former marriage and had bad ju-ju.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful....I love her designs(that dress is calling me) and although I love fall....I am with you, I am not letting summer go just yet! :)

Julia said...

I think tortilla girl is one of my absolute favorites on Etsy. Her treasuries are always OUT OF THIS WORLD! What a generous sale!

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