Wednesday, June 18, 2008

{ thursday things worth a look: pixie blossoms }

I have to was love at first sight with etsy shop, Pixie Blossoms. You know the feeling--nervous butterflies, sweaty palms, heart all a pitter patter. 

But it was the little things--crocheted embellishments, stitched flower details, and polka dot linings--that made me realize this was a true, forever kind of love

You will be gushing too after you browse all of the fabulous Pixie Blossoms' totes here. Zee, the creative soul behind Pixie Blossoms, has a fun and inspiring blog--stop by for a visit. Her gorgeous photography and more of her handmade originals {including the lovelies she keeps for herself} are showcased in her amazing flickr stream.

{discovered via Monica's always inspiring blog}


Julia said...

Beautiful craftsmanship! I'm off to go explore her blog! THANK YOU for sharing!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Uh heart is all aflutter too! I am on my way over to her shop! Thanks Suzanne! What a great find my friend!

Marie Louise said...

Love these bags - extremely cute!

Anonymous said...

Love Pixie Blossom! Noone does colors like her :-)!!

littlebyrd said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the intro...I popped over to her blog - you are right - beautiful pictures!

zabrina said...

Oh my God...I just saw it now...and all these comments here...thanks so very much, so nice of you to blog about my things.
Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!
You made my day!!!

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