Thursday, June 26, 2008

{ map it out...}


image via Pottery Barn

I have a small collection of maps and vintage-inspired map prints that have been sitting around collecting dust–waiting for me to frame them. These images have inspired me, instead, to just go for it--display and enjoy them now...worry about frames later {if ever}.

image via living etc.

What is it about maps that I find so irresistible? Perhaps it's recalling the special places we've traveled or that they provide the possibility and inspiration for future travels. Then again, it might be the dreamy blues and greens and typographical elements to which I'm drawn.

Benita uses a wall sized map as inspiration in her son's room-- incorporating the map colors throughout--isn't it fabulous?


image via nibs blog

I had one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" moments when I spotted this image. Old school maps as window shades-brilliant!

maps-dining room
image via nibs blog

 Early Colonies Pulldown Map
image via threepotatofour

Inspired? Try the sources below to create a similar look in your home:

Old School Maps: three potato four { love this shop} 
Vintage-inspired map prints: Cavallini & Co.
{reasonably priced at $4.50 for a 22 x 28" printed sheet}


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yes! Yes! I love old maps too and I love that you are just going to go for it and worry about frames later! I love these images....especially Benita's son's room. Just beautiful and I am with you Suzanne...they are lovely colors and make it seem that there is so much possibility at our fingertips!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Love the photo of the bedroom with the maps in the corner!

Mrs.French said...

There is something so wonderful about having the world on paper at your fingertips. I am bookmarking this post for sure! I seriously love it!

Diane said...

I have friends who travel all over the world and as you enter their bedroom you see a world map with pins in it -- one of the colors of the pins represents places they've been the other color represents places they want to go -- it is so lovely

Julia said...

My husband and I have done a bit of traveling and find maps irresistible as well! You found some incredible rooms!

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