Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{ i love you too Makool }

I've always been a sucker for well designed packaging. This is nothing revolutionary--I'm certain many of you can relate. It almost doesn't matter what the actual product is, if packaged well, I'm sold. As I do more and more of my shopping online, I realize that beautiful, well styled photography is the new packaging. I'm like a junkie...the first photo lures me in and before I know it, I can't stop myself from clicking away. 

Online boutique, Makool Loves You, had me the second I saw those handle bars and the bike basket. All of a sudden I don't want to ride my bike again unless I'm wearing their irresistibly stylish barquentine skirt


And now I find myself fantasizing about dashing to the Farmer's Market with my eco friendly, and uber stylish shopping bag. A bit chilly? Sweatshirts will not longer do. No, no, no...I must wrap myself in Makool's perfect Ketchup coat.

With a name like Fairweather and an irresistible cowl neck detail and oversized buttons and pockets, how can one not be smitten with this shirt? I can't figure out what that darling little box is behind the model, I just know I love it!

There's no doubt...Makool is beyond cool and I want to live the Makool Loves You lifestyle. The fact that this small clothing label was started by a talented, newly married couple based in Portland Oregon only adds to the allure. 

Check out their well edited
shop for yourself and be sure to pop over to their lovely blog, which I found to be just as tantalizing. 

Good News for all of you Portlanders...Makool Loves You is in the midst of construction on their new retail location in Southeast Portland. They're targeting an early Summer opening. { Just one more reason for the rest of us to be envious that we don't live in your fair city. }

Quick links:
Makool Loves You shop
Makool Loves You blog 

found via SeeSaw Designs

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Kasey said...

I love them as well.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yes...yes! I adore Makool as well and agree 100% with you about their packaging. Must have skirt. Must have adorable top with buttons. :)

You Are My Fave said...

Their photo styling is so perfect. If only I had the funds. Bummer.

Anisa said...

OH! Wowzers! I'm smitten with you, shop talk!
I'm going to start reading your blog!
thanks for the nice write up!
come and visit us in POrtland!
xx~anisa (& graeme too)

Cindy said...

i'm totally with you when it comes to packaging, photography and makoo!

Mrs.French said...

apparently I have been living in a did I not know about the shop? now that I do, I am over the moon excited! so lovely to hear the news from my dear suzanne...I also love how similar we are this week...our posts are a perfect match...xo t

please sir said...

Their items are so wonderful!

blue moss said...

everything they do is so it all

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