Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{ best kept secrets }

Customized Hammered Circle Secret Poetry Necklace in Sterling

I Will Never Forget My Way Home Create Your Own Story Stack Set in Sterling and  Amethyst

Customized Secret Poetry Bangle in Sterling Silver with new beautiful lowercase font

Stunning jewelry customized with secret poetry? Yes, please!

Discover more delights in the Delias Thompson etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

Wow they are gorgeous, thanks for the link! xx

Cindy said...

love them and those special sayings are like a little secret surprise!

Em-Jae said...

terribly romantical.

Anonymous said...

(2nd time)

I LOVE, LOVE this jewelry! (Hint)


Julia said...

Secret poetry? Yes please!

simplesong said...

secret poetry! love it...and great photos!

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