Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{ weekend snapshot }

Over the weekend, my sweet Valentine escorted me to the Second Sunday Antiques Faire and waited by patiently as I indulged in my latest obsession, vintage cameras. I happened upon a Brownie Six-20 Junior and had to have it for my tiny, but growing collection, which I plan to display in our home { photos forthcoming }. Exactly how I will display these little beauties has yet to be determined, which is why I found these flickr faves oh-so-inspiring...*swoon*.

My creation

image sources here


What did you all do over the weekend?


Melina said...

It's my goal in life to have a vintage camera collection like those!


Alicia said...

I can't tell you how much I love these...though that is probably not shocking. Sadly, most of my vintage loves are in a closet, waiting the day I have space to display them properly. Though these are giving me the inspiration to get them out sooner than later. ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing my photograph of my growing collection of vintage cameras. The great thing is I am trying them all out with film (some cameras need modification).

Lovely series of collections!
Bunny Safari

Emily said...

My lovely valentine took me to an antique mall too. I too am a huge vintage camera fan as well! They are such a great collectible and totally beautiful.

Michael Wurm Jr said...

very cool. I've never desired a collection until recently. Definatly something old... I saw someone that had lots of globes. srsly chic!

Thanks for sharing. Just found your blog recently

simplesong said...

great snapshots! love vintage cameras...

leaca said...

They are an obsession of mine too. Love these shots. Thanks for including mine. =]

Layton Animal Control said...

Thanks for shaaring this

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