Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheap & Chic: for 2010

Hello sweet readers!
Melissa from Melissa Loves here, so happy to be helping hold the fort over here at my lovely friend Suzanne's for the New Year! I thought I would put together a cheap & chic oufit for a New Year's party. Something comfortable and a tiny bit casual but, with a little flair. Something inspired by this print by Sarah McNeil on etsy.

~facinator here $19.95
~ top here $27.99
~ lovely earrings here (shop) $14.00
~ clutch here $7.50
~ boots here $47.99
~ pants here $12.80
~ necklace here $19.95

Total ~ $150.18

I sure hope you liked it lovelies and Suzanne, thank you so much for having me hun! I hope you are having a wonderful family break and enjoying every moment!



karey m. said...

those TIGHTS! shimmer shimmer roller skating glimmer!

i love your style...do you dress well daily? do tell...


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, thank you sweet Karey! No, sorry to disappoint...I don't dress this way every day! I wear my trusty jeans every. single. day. :) But, it would be nice wouldn't it? You darling doll, you! :)

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