Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{ the good stuff: quiet sunrises }



20080223155030_21-02-08 sunrise

Thanks to the new (furry) addition to our family, I am now awakened at the crack of dawn each and every morning--a tough transition given my notorious night owl ways. The plus side of this early morning ritual is my new found appreciation of sunrises. I can tell you first-hand that the early morning light bouncing off the cloud formations is absolutely stunning. And though I wish I could take credit for these lovely captures, I haven't yet pulled it together enough in these early morning hours to actually pull out my camera and snap away. Apparently though, there are people who can actually function at this hour and who share their their captures with the lovely Cloud Appreciation Society (who knew?!).

So tell me...will you be joining me for a sunrise start to the day or hitting the snooze button and snuggling back under the covers? (I wouldn't blame you if you did.)


Cindy said...

i'll join you if you bring buddy over. i love the pinks in those images. scott gets up at 5 am, he'll join you ;).

melissa loves said...

*sigh* I just can't take it.....buddy is just so incredibly adorable that my heart melts. These are gorgeous captures and while I feel for you having to get up so early.....I am glad you may see something like these!

Robin said...

I'm a night owl too, and it is reeeeeallly hard to do it but I get up at least 4 mornings a week to walk with my neighbor at 5:45. At the height of summer the sun was well up at that hour but these days it is barely peeking up when we leave our apt. building. It is so pretty to see the sun rise on the Connecticut River, and of course once I'm up I'm always glad I did the walk. But I do love a good lazy morning too!

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