Friday, July 31, 2009

{ road trippin' }


Imagine if you will, two parents, their 5 year-old daughter, 1 year-old son, and brand new puppy traveling across the country for 8 weeks in their bright orange 1970s Volkswagen van. Did I mention that the camper had no stereo or air conditioning, and that the children both ended up with chicken pox? If it sounds like a scene straight out of Little Miss Sunshine, you're not far off, but in fact, it is how my family and I spent one (very) memorable summer of my childhood. My happy, carefree memories of it, I'm certain, are quite different than my mom's. How she survived that one with her sanity still intact, I'll never know. 

As you might imagine, cross country road travel in my adult life has never really appealed to me. My feelings were: Been there. Done that...would prefer to collect cool hotel samples instead.  This summer, however, I've spotted several of these adorable caravans on the road--some new, some refurbished--and suddenly I have road trip envy. The thought of fixing up one of these little homes away from home, hitting the open road, and rediscovering the U.S. with my own family is sooo enticing. What do you think...could you sacrifice a few modern conveniences and do it?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with new discoveries of your own!

image via Lynsey Fryers


Melissa de la Fuente said...

I have always been of the mind set of "we will be at the hotel down the street from the campground" :)
But, I could see how these retro beauties would be so very enticing and fun....I hope you have a great weekend my dear!
ps how did your mom survive? :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

It sounds really adventurous, but I'm a boutique hotel kinda gal!

And yes, your mom is my new hero!

blue moss said...

Sounds lovely..and the photo is so great but I will be at the hotel :)

A French Cloud said...

my mom and I did this one year when I was 10? 11? We went from estate sale to flea market from the west to the midwest. We had an airstream then- but now, I would prefer a hotel!

Classy Drifter said...

I would have loved to do that as a kid! And that photo is beautiful!

knack said...

we did tons of cross country road trips growing up and we are doing one next summer with the kids,my parents, and my two brothers families.......we are totally talking about doing the camper thing........I can't wait!

love the oranges and turquoise in this photo! :)

Unknown said...

what a beautiful memory! we talk about doing this. I'd love to pack up for a couple of weeks and go with group of friends...stop in all the places we'd never otherwise go. it sounds so fantastic. look at the way that you remember it from your childhood...I'd do it for my kids just for that reason...the travel would be so great but the time together and the memories that it leaves behind are priceless.

paula said...

I so have a dream to rent an RV and travel somewhere, anywhere with my family especially while the kiddos are small. such memories that could be had... too bad the hubby does not share the same dream:(

Bunny Jean said...
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Bunny Jean said...

Nothing equals the "excitement" of that early morning departure on the first day of a road trip...

Except maybe the "relief" of the late night return home!

" On the road again..."
turns into "Home Sweet Home"

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