Friday, January 20, 2012

{ weekend style }

weekend wear

Happy Friday!

I think the last time we all chatted my sweet Bella was a chubby-cheeked nine year old, fresh from the 3rd grade. Well, now she's a busy tween with big dreams of publishing her own book, like NOW! And since I don't have an "in" with any publishers, helping her start her own blog was the next best thing.  I must say, I'm impressed with her skills. She's a natural...whipping out a couple posts a day and already obsessing over her stats - Oy! does this relate to my post, you ask. Well, in one of her posts this week, Bella shared her favorite things to wear on a casual day { baseball t-shirt, shorts and converse tennis } and asked her "readers" to share their favorite things to wear. I thought it was a brilliant idea and decided to borrow it. Now that I go into an office most days and must dress up like a big girl, I really appreciate casual weekend days. These wish list picks are my go-to style.

1. hester reading glasses - kate spade
2. belted trench coat in red - target
3. striped shawl collar top - anthropologie
4. cropped skinny jeans - old navy
5. opal applique clutch - mar y sol
6. block letter initial necklace
7. play hooky bracelet - kate spade
7. navy toms

What do you love to wear on casual days?


karey m. said...

ok. whoa. you're BACK?!?!

this is lovely. i am pleased. xoxo

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Awww...thanks for stopping by sweet, Karey. Thrilled to be back. xo

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